Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec. 07, 2011

Dear Shawn,

I should have started writing this blog before, But... (a long deep sigh) i dunno, it's just that i don't know how to start and when to start.  My brain is absolutely not working well..  Today is just one typical lonely boring  day, my mind is full of crazy thoughts, yet, still remain bland. I can recall way back before my childhood when life is full of fantasies --- =) its so easily.. I remember lying on my back in the grass watching the clouds drift by. I wanted to grasp the clouds, touch it, feel it's softness. Life is so easy way back then.  And oh, I remember wishing to see fairies and make friends with them... sigh....... but it's different now. I'am all grown up. I miss you, =( i just keep on wondering how you've been doing, i have been trying to contact you. but no luck at all. I just hope and pray that you're in good condition.t's killing me to know what you might be thinking. how i wish i could have told you everything before you left.... i hope tonight the stars will tell you how i really miss you... =(



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